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Flinders Ranges, Alligator Gorge (Peter Canty)

Flinders Ranges, Alligator Gorge (Peter Canty)

Generally held every two years, the Australian Bryophyte Workshops aim to present opportunities for those interested in learning about bryophytes to meet and exchange knowledge in different environments. This year will present the first opportunity for the intrepid to venture into an environment largely unfavourable for bryophytes, the semi-arid fringes of the centre of Australia. This will present people with a different challenge from other workshops — the need to search for the small in size and quantity. Only 109 moss and 28 hepatic taxa are represented in the State Herbarium collections from the Flinders Ranges, but expert eyes may find more!

Since lichen crusts are prominent in these areas, some lichenologists are planning to join us, which should present some further opportunities for knowledge sharing.

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